The Champions League title has only been 90 minutes away twice for Fridolina Rolfö in the past. First with Wolfsburg in 2020, and then last year with Barcelona in Turin.

Both times, French Lyon have emerged victorious from the fray. Is it going to be the third time now?

As the quarter-finals of the women's Champions League begin on Tuesday, there are five games separating her and club side Barcelona from that coveted title.

"It's one of my biggest dreams to lift a Champions League trophy. I've been in two finals, and I feel like it's in the third that it's happening. I sincerely hope to reach all the way this time, says Fridolina Rolfö to SVT Sport.

'A challenge'

The first hurdle is Roma in the quarter-finals. The Italians, who are a bit of newcomers to the CL community, have three Swedish players in the team: goalkeepers Emma Lind, Stephanie Örström and defenceman Elin Landström.

"It's an interesting team that has built something. They also have a lot of Swedish players so it will be great fun to play against them. We don't really know what to expect. I've only seen a few games in the Champions League, and the occasional Italian game. But it's an exciting team, and a challenge for us, because we don't have a hundred people on top of them," says Rolfö.

The first quarter-final will be played in Rome, with a return leg in Barcelona next week.

Here Fridolina Rolfö takes home the Diamond Ball: "Feels absolutely fantastic":

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Fridolina Rolfö wins the Diamond Ball: "Feels absolutely fantastic" Photo: TT