The sumo spring tournament will be held on the 11th and 22nd to the end of the tournament.

Suifuji, the only one who has won alone, is facing Koyui Wakamotoharu.

On the 10th day of the spring tournament, on the 21st, Suifuji defeated Koyui Shomonkey with the first "Index" in makuuchi in 11 years, extending his winning streak from the first day to "10".

Koyui Daieisho, who was chasing with one loss, lost to Sekiwaki Toyoshoryu, while Daieisho, Koyui Kotonowaka, and Hiramatsu Endo were tied with two losses.

On the 1th day of the 3nd, Suifuji, the lone leader, will face Koyui Wakamotoharu, who has 2 win and 11 loss in their past matches.

Suifuji, who has repeated white stars with his good reaction to sumo wrestling coming forward from the stands, is the key to whether he can get into the pocket of his opponent even on the 22nd and draw a turn to create an advantageous position first.

For Wakamotoharu, the key is to be able to take a sharp step first and bring it to the left four shapes, which is his specialty.

In addition, Koyui Daieisho, who has two losses, will face Takayasu in Hiramatsu with three losses.

In the past matchups, Daieisho has lost 1 wins and 1 losses, but this past year they have won 22 and lost 2.

While Takayasu can take sumo with four pushes, Daieisho wants to decide the match with a quick attack while keeping distance with his strong push.

In addition, Kotonowaka with two losses will face Kitakatsu Fuji in the flat curtain, and Endo, who also has two losses, will face Toyo Shoryu Sekiwaki, who has three losses.