Six professional baseball openers were played.

Japan Ham vs. SoftBank was won by Japan Ham 5-0.

Japan Ham was hit by Mitsuteru Fukuda, who transferred from Lotte, with no outs in the sixth inning and a timely two-base hit that wiped out the runners.

SoftBank starter Ishikawa pitched until the middle of the sixth inning, but gave up five hits and four runs.

The Giants vs. DeNA won 6-6.

DeNA started with Kozono, the No. 5 draft pick, and pitched five innings with three hits and no runs.

Rookie Hayashi, the No. 4 draft pick, used his running ability to hit a three-base hit.

Giants starter Yokokawa threw six innings, allowing two hits and one run.

▽ Yakult vs Rakuten was won by Yakult 1-0.

Yakult's starting pitcher, Cy Snead, allowed two runs on four hits in the fourth inning, and five pitchers threw one inning each from the fifth to keep the game scoreless.

Rakuten's starting pitcher Norimoto allowed three hits and two runs in six innings.

▽ Seibu vs Hanshin was won by Seibu 1-5.

Seibu hit solo home runs in the eighth inning by Nakamura and third-year Nakamikawa, respectively, as pinch hitters.

Hanshin starting pitcher Yuki Nishi had good control and allowed one hit in five innings, allowing no runs.

▽ In Lotte vs. Hiroshima, Lotte won 3-3.

Lotte started the game with five hits and one run in five innings, while Yasuda had two hits and one RBI.

Hiroshima starting pitcher Endo pitched seven innings, allowing four hits and two runs.

In Orix vs. China-Japan, Orix won 6-2.

Orix had two hits, including a solo home run in the first inning of the opener, by Sugimoto, who was in good form.

Starting pitcher Tashima showed consistency with five hits and two runs in six innings.

Chunichi starter Yudai Ohno allowed six hits in five innings, but gave up only two runs.