Senbatsu High School baseball was allowed to cheer for the first time in four years. When I cover the Alpine seats where the cheering squad gathers, I can feel the enthusiasm that says, "I've been waiting for this time." The warm ale, the powerful performance, and the unique cheering that makes you feel home. We are working together with the players on the field to win the match.

"Thoughts, deliver! (

Senbatsu Interview Team: Tsukasa Yamauchi, Yusuke Kobuna, Tomosato Yamanaka)

《For this day...》


"Let's get out loud!" echoed the dashing shouts of the baseball team members in the Alpine seats of Toho High School, which is aiming to win the championship for the first time in four years.

"Mekkei" is a word that has been passed down from generation to generation in Toho and means "to make a very loud voice."

The team created a new cheering song called "Mekkai Toho," but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, they were unable to perform it for four years after its completion.

The opportunity to show off finally came.

A big cheer was sent to the players.

【Tottori Johoku (Tottori)】

In the Alpine seats north of Tottori Castle, there was a cheerleader who made me feel somewhat powerful.

Of the 13 cheerleaders, 5 are members of the women's sumo club.

Tottori Johoku is a strong sumo school and has produced sumo wrestlers such as yokozuna and Terunofuji and the notable Shinjuryō and Ochiai. The women's sumo club also won the general team championship of the All Japan Women's Sumo Tournament last July.

However, I was frustrated because I couldn't cheer aloud at the tournament. Under such circumstances, at the Senbatsu tournament, it became possible to cheer aloud, so I bought to become a member of the cheerleading club.

"I will support you as much as I can," said captain Shizuku Nakajima.

In the choreography, movements similar to the "thrusting" of sumo wrestling were incorporated to liven up the stands.

The reason why the team chose the foreball well and scored by "pushing" was because of the support unique to sumo wrestling.

《Dynamic performances are back》

【Chiben Wakayama (Wakayama)】

The brass band also removed the limit of 50 people, and all 79 members of the brass band gathered in the Alpine seats of Chiben Wakayama.

Then, he encouraged the players with the original cheering song "Jock Rock", which is said to bring victory to the team.

"Jock Rock" is also popular with high school baseball fans.

When the play started with a one-goal lead, the team quickly equalized.

Mr. Shunsuke Kotani, Director of the Brass Band Club, said, "We haven't had many opportunities to play instruments together since the Corona disaster, so I was very happy to be able to play with 1 people at Koshien. I was talking.

【Osaka Toin (Osaka)】

The Osaka Toin brass band won gold prizes at national competitions. More than 100 brass band members gathered in the Alpine seats.

Last year, due to the limited number of people, about half of the clarinet members, including the clarinet staff, were unable to participate in the cheering, and we prepared about 30 songs with the aim of "cheering together to help the athletes."

Clarinetist Miyui Maekawa said happily, "I was disappointed last year, but this is the first time I've been able to play on the Koshien stage, and it's very fun and comfortable."

In addition, Mr. Yoshikan Eguchi, the head of the department, said, "There is no limit on the number of people, and we can now deliver our thoughts louder and with our voices."

《Support that makes you feel hometown is back》


What enlivened the Alpine seats in Kochi was the traditional "Yosakoi Dance".

The cheering squad and the students of the dance club performed a lively dance with the instrument "Naruko" written on it with the word "Must win" written on it.

While singing loudly "Come to the castle of Kochi," he cheered on the players on the ground.

【Okinawa Shogaku (Okinawa)】

Speaking of cheering for Okinawan schools, "Uncle Haisai".

The unique finger whistle resonates along with the melody.

From the Alpine seats of Okinawa Shogaku, I could hear the rhythmic sound of a flute called "Pew-Pew" to the music played by the brass band.

A woman in her 50s who rushed to cheer her on said, "I was finally able to come back here, and I have been here every time since Okinawa Shogaku won the tournament for the first time in 1999. In the past few years, I haven't been able to cheer and feel like I've never been so lonely. I hope Okinawa's 'Seoul' delivers it to the players."

The local support encouraged the players, and Okinawa Shogaku got through the first game with Yuhito Nakata hitting the first home run of the tournament.

A finger flute ensemble that expressed joy as one with the ground.

Nakata said, "I could hear the cheering and finger whistling, and I think I was able to hit a home run thanks to the cheering," and he took the Alps' feelings seriously.

Senbatsu has returned to its original form.

As the tournament progresses, you can't take your eyes off the cheering of the Alpine seats, which are likely to increase the enthusiasm.

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