On March 3, Beijing Shougang men's basketball team faced Shandong team at Wukesong Stadium, and Beijing Shougang won 19:112. The picture shows young player Zeng Fanbo shooting from the outside. Zhongqing Daily · Zhongqing Online trainee reporter Luo Zheng/Photo

In the open post-game locker room, young player Zeng Fanbo was surrounded by media reporters, he held the technical statistics after the game, 15 points, 4 rebounds, two assists and 4 blocks The answer sheet was very eye-catching, but he himself focused on another number.

"The statistics table says 1,5 live spectators, and I think all the team's efforts are worthy of everyone's support for us, and the improvement in three-point shooting proves that we are capable of doing all this, a wonderful team victory, to the fans."

The match against the Shandong men's basketball team is not the first home game of the season at Beijing Wukesong Stadium - the return of the Xinjiang men's basketball team has brought the venue into early use, but realistically, it is the first home game of Beijing Shougang men's basketball team in the true sense.

Wukesong Stadium has returned to its familiar appearance to fans. On March 3, Migu, the sponsor of the CBA League, specially organized a visit to Wukesong Stadium for media reporters. Meeting many familiar media reporters again made the head of the Media Brand Center of Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center smile, she enthusiastically introduced the changes here, and was very much looking forward to the upcoming CBA competition.

This is a basketball-related topic. The 3,19 fans who attended the game on the night of March 1 almost filled Wukesong Stadium. And for the players competing on the field, it is also difficult to hide the excitement of seeing the packed stadium.

Due to the impact of injury, Fan Ziming, who has joined the Shougang men's basketball team for 3 years, made his debut at Wukesong Stadium postponed to the evening of March 3, "I played average in the first half, but the second half of the state came back, Wukesong is the best home court, don't see that some venues are newer than here, but the meaning of Wukesong is different." This was what he said in an interview with the media, and later he wrote on his social media: "Hello Wukesong, first meeting, please take care." ”

Being able to play in front of the home fans often inspires the fighting spirit of the players. In the game with the Shandong men's basketball team, the Shougang men's basketball team shot 14 three-pointers, the second highest three-point score of the season, 46.67% of the three-point shooting rate can also rank in the top three of the season, the team of 11 people scored 11 people, of which 5 scored double-doubles, foreign aid Gibson's points and assists are season highs. Zeng Fanbo sent four blocks in two consecutive games, including one against opposing defender Zhang Hui's two-handed nail board block, which was the best of the game. "Even if I fall hard, the shouts of the fans can make me feel no pain." Zeng Fanbo said after the game. In the end, Beijing Shougang ushered in a 4-point victory.

For the away team, such a home stadium is not so "friendly". In the 48 minutes of the game, all three foreign aides of the Shandong men's basketball team failed, and only Gao Shiyan and Tao Hanlin among the domestic players could play normally, so that these two teams of equal strength, the difference was as much as 3 points at the maximum, and the game also lost the suspense of victory or defeat early.

This is the relevance of the CBA's return to home and away. 1,5 fans come to watch the game, fans can enjoy the game, and the fans' shouts can stimulate the fighting spirit of the players and trigger a series of chain benefits - so that clubs and venues have a stable share of ticket revenue, increase the sales of team franchised goods, and the surrounding catering industry will benefit from this, and not only the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team, but also the other 19 CBA clubs.

"To be honest, Xinjiang Club has actually made great contributions to Chinese basketball in the past 20 years, and we respect his decision and regret it. Our job now is to do our best to bring the league and the game back to the fans, which is our number one priority. This is the statement of Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, when the Xinjiang men's basketball team announced its withdrawal from the CBA league, and now the Xinjiang men's basketball team is back, although Chinese basketball is still in trouble, but at least home and away are back, and the CBA is back to the fans.

Beijing, 3 Mar (Jiefangjun Bao) --

China Youth Daily / China Youth Net reporter Yang Yi Source: China Youth Daily