Ahead of the first training match of the Japan National Football Team after the World Cup, MITOMA Kaoru and DOAN Ritsu joined the team on 21 September, and DOAN expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We must win the match in order not to cool the football fever that has increased at the World Cup."

The Japan National Football Team has been preparing for their first training match since last year's World Cup Qatar against Uruguay on 24 this month in Chiba City from 20 June.

On the 21st, Mitoma who plays for English Premier League club Brighton and Doan, who played for Freiburg in the German first division and scored two goals in the World Cup, joined the team.

Mitoma and Doan, who had just returned to Japan, had a relaxed expression on their faces as they worked on light menus such as running and stretching.

In addition, the players, who have been making adjustments since the 20th, had a more intense training session, and in the shooting practice, Ueda Ayase, who has scored 1 goals in the Belgian first division this season, showed how well she was with a sharp shot.

On the other hand, KUBO Takefusa, who plays in the Spanish first division, did not participate in the training session on the 14st because he could not confirm a negative test for the new coronavirus after returning to Japan.

Doan, who joined the team, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "There are many new players and young players, but we must win the match in order not to cool the enthusiasm of football that has increased since the World Cup.