Sweden started the match with the last stone in the first round and took advantage of the advantage. Team Hasselborg in the lead with 2-0 after the first round. Sweden was then able to extend to 3-0 in the third round after a Turkish miss.

"Taste start," says commentator Niklas Nord.

It came off

After a few scoreless rounds from Team Hasselborg, things would turn around. After a skillfully maneuvered seventh round, Sweden took three points and went up in the lead 6-2.

Sweden came to pressure Turkey further in the eighth round and got another point. And 7-2 after eight rounds was the last straw for Turkey who chose to give up.

"Sweden turned up the level of difficulty," says SVT's expert Eva Lund.

In previous games, the ice has been a problem for Team Hasselborg. But today it looked better.

"We're doing what we're supposed to do. And it felt good to have a third in the seventh round, especially after the previous misses," Hasselborg said after the game.

"Marathon days"

The Swedish schedule has initially been quiet. But now three days of double matches await.

"It's a challenge with a couple of marathon days now, but we're ready," Agnes Knochenhauer told SVT Sport after the game.

Team Hasselborg has two wins and two losses in its first four games. Tomorrow, Germany and Japan await Sweden.