On the ninth day of the sumo spring tournament, Koyui Daieisho, who was the only player in three roles to lose one by one, defeated Tamawashi to clinch the title. Suifuji beat Ura to extend his winning streak from day one to nine and defend his sole lead.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Chiyo Shoma in North Qingpeng is Chiyo Shoma is "good throwing".

▽ Sword Sho ni Warisho Mountain is "pushed out" by Warlord Mountain.

▽ Wang Peng ni Koto Eguang is "withdrawn" by Koto Eguang.

▽ Mito Ryu ni Takarafuji is "pushed out" by Mito Ryu.

▽ Takashi's victory is Takashi's victory is "pushed out".

▽ Nishikifuji on Mt. Kinpu is Nishikifuji "throwing poorly".

▽ Myogiryu ni Daxiangpeng is "pushed out" by Myogiryu.

▽ To Heishan Gao Yasu won by "pushing".

▽ The sea of Sada in Toryu is "close" to the sea of Sada.

▽ Endo and Hirado Kai won by Endo "leaning in".

▽ Ura ni Suifuji extended his winning streak from the first day to "9" with Suifuji "pushing down" and defended the sole lead. ▽ Ichiyamamoto "pushed down" on Kotokatsumine.

Koto Katsuho was defeated.

▽ Abu Saki ni Kitakatsu Fuji Abu Saki will be absent from the 20th due to both knee injuries, and Kitakatsu Fuji is a "bye".

▽ Nishikiki in the Ontake Sea is "Hitaki" by the Ontake Sea.

▽ Daieisho ni Jade Eagle defended one defeat by Daieisho "shove".
The Jade Eagle was defeated.

▽ Kotonowaka is "pushed down" by Kotonowaka in the Shodai.

▽ Wakamotoharu Aitis is Wakamotoharu "leans in".

▽ Sho Monkey ni Ho Shoryu is "Hit" by Ho Shoryu.

▽ Wakataka Kage to Akio won by Wakataka Kage "Push Down".

▽ Mt. Kirima and Ryuden are "close-up" to Mount Kirima.
Ryuden was defeated.

In Haruji, after the ninth day, Suifuji came out on top with nine consecutive wins, followed by Daieisho with one loss.

Discourse of a sumo wrestler

Koto Emitsu, who stopped his losing streak at two, patted his chest, saying, "I was trying to take the lead and take sumo with my own flow, and that went in the right direction.

Takashi also defended his three losses in the second half of the match, and expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I want to keep doing my best tomorrow, and hopefully we can finish with a good result."

Nishikifuji, who ended his losing streak at three, said, "I was weirdly overconfident and looked at my opponent too much, and I want to come forward in my own sumo because I can't be successful in makuuchi unless I do my own sumo wrestling."

Takayasu, who stopped the losing streak and defended his two defeats, said, "I was able to come forward in my form right away, so I think it will lead to tomorrow. I think we can take it positively from tomorrow."

Suifuji, who has won nine consecutive matches since the first day, reflected, "I'm glad my body is moving, so I guess I'm able to cope with being drawn by the opponent." As for the feeling of being alone at the top without winning alone, he seemed to be gradually feeling the pressure, saying, "Maybe I'm stressed, I couldn't sleep at all, I want to get a good night's sleep today."

Koyui Daieisho defended his first loss by defeating Tamawashi, who had lost in past matches, saying, "I had been losing streak for a long time, but I was thinking about taking my sumo wrestling without worrying too much. Looking ahead, he was determined to "really concentrate on the first thing of the day."

Kotonowaka won the two-loss confrontation with Masayo and reflected, "I was trying not to attack and lose so as not to lose by winning.

Koyui Wakamotoharu defeated his personal friend Aita for the first time in his third match, saying, "My goal is to beat someone who has never beaten before.

Kirimayama of Shinsekiwaki defended his three losses by winning a sumo match against Ryuden that lasted more than one minute, saying, "I'm glad I gave it my all and won at the end.