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The France finished second in the Six Nations Tournament won by Ireland who won all their matches. If in the immediate future, the internationals will return to the daily life of their club, they all have in mind the next objective with the blue jersey: the World Cup at home.

Until now, players have tended to dodge questions about the World Cup, hiding behind the Six Nations Tournament. From now on, they will be able to dream aloud of the World Cup. "It's the dream adventure," says 3rd line Charles Ollivon. It's the biggest competition we rugby players can play. So yes, we're thinking about it and we're going to go."

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"Experiencing something grandiose "

Since coach Fabien Galthié took the reins of the team, the day after the last World Cup, the French have rediscovered the taste of victory and won back the public. "We will prepare hard for this World Cup, warns the pillar Cyril Baille. We know that we have an audience that will push hard behind us, we really want to make them proud. With this group, who have known each other for 4 years, we also want to live something grandiose. We will prepare accordingly."

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The opening match against New Zealand

After the end of the season in their respective clubs, the Blues will meet all summer to prepare for the World Cup, until the opening match, at the France stadium against New Zealand, on September 8 at 21 pm.