Hammarby is currently getting ready for his third season in damallsvenskan. Before last season, they had set high goals. They had lost the newcomer stamp and wanted to be involved in the fight for the European places. But the season got off to a heavy start and despite a good pick-up after the summer break, they finally landed in fifth place.

"Last season was difficult in many ways. It was damn tough. There were a lot of people who had expectations of us and we couldn't handle the pressure. But the fact that a lot of people got to experience it, I think is very important for this season because there will be a lot of pressure on us," says Madelen Janogy.

Hammarby midfielder Madelen Janogy also had a tough last season for herself, where she was sidelined with some injuries and poked for this summer's European Championships. But this year she has started strong, although in recent weeks she has been disturbed by a slight injury strain, and now her sights are again set on the absolute top.

"I think we have a fantastic squad, it's a good mix. We're incredibly good. We came fifth last year and we just keep developing. We want to be up there fighting for the gold," Janogy said.

CLIP: Hanna Marklund's damallsvenska list: "They will be this year's contenders"

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Hanna Marklund talks about the Damallsvenska season. Photo: SVT/Bildbyrån