During the nasty accident in the SDHL yesterday, there was fortunately a team doctor on site – it is not a requirement in the league and many times there is a lack of knowledgeable staff at the games.

From next season, it changes and a requirement is introduced.

"At the last board meeting, the decision was made that there should be match doctors at all matches. We take steps year by year based on the resources we have available, says Luleå's CEO Stefan Enbom.

"It's one step"

He welcomes that requirement and says yesterday's event in particular shows the importance of having knowledgeable staff on site.

He finds it problematic that there is an ambulance outside the arena when the men's team plays SHL hockey and not when the women play.

"We don't like everything that's different between women and men. Having match doctors is one step, and perhaps in the long run that there can be ambulances at all games in the SDHL.

But he doesn't think that's necessarily a reasonable requirement.

"No, it's a very complex issue. The ambulances are a community resource and should serve the entire community. How much should sport burden it? We are very keen that the conditions for women and men are exactly the same. That's almost how we think should discuss needed ambulance on the gentlemen? But the ambulance station here is five minutes away. We don't have the answers, but we think it's good that there's a discussion going on.