In the final minutes, the AIK fans jumped and sang after Linus Söderström kept a clean sheet for the second game in a row.

"Our first five minutes are very good while the rest is just throwing in the bin. It was just too choppy today even though we scored five goals. I feel like I'm in the 'flow' and then it feels good," Söderström told C More.

Oscar Möller, 34, gave Skellefteå the lead with 1-0. After 3:32, he stayed in front at the far post and pushed the puck in after Andreas Wingerli drifted into the lane and targeted Möller's stick.

It hadn't even been five minutes on the match clock when Joakim Lindström, 39, was allowed to wander in undisturbed from the favourite position at the right teeing circle and fired a high shot over low-standing Christoffer Rifalk's shoulder section for 2-0.

"Got a lot of energy out of it"

"The start was really good. As soon as we got hold of a loose puck in the middle zone, we quickly changed and got a lot of energy from it," says Oscar Möller.

Skellefteå had the chance to decide the game when they played five-on-three at the end of the second period without success there. Then when Max Lindholm made it 3-0 in the middle of the third period, after a real mess in front of the Rögle goal, it was settled. The sequence was video-reviewed and the situation room was able to determine that Rifalk had not been disturbed.

Rögle picked out Rifalk with a whopping 8:30 left and pretty quickly made it 4-0 after Linus Söderström scored in the empty bag from close range.

"The numbers don't say everything and after 2-0 we played well and worked hard. It didn't go our way. We lost the battle tonight but not the war," Rögles coach Cam Abbott said.