On the eighth day of the sumo spring tournament in Chunichi, Koyui Daieisho defeated Aita in the flat curtain and defended his first loss in three roles.
Suifuji beat Hekiyama to defend the top spot with eight consecutive wins from the first day to clinch the title.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Chiyo Shoma and Mt. Kinpu are "hanging" Mt. Kinpu.

▽ Mito Ryu ni Dai Xiang Peng is "good throw" ▽ Koto Emitsu ni North Qingpeng is North Qingpeng is "

Harima throw".

▽ Wang Peng to Bao Fuji is "pushed out" by Wang Peng.

▽ To Warlord Mountain, Dongryu is "pushed down" by Warlord Mountain. Toryu lost eight consecutive matches.

▽ Kensho ni Myogiryu is "scoop throwing" by Kensho.

▽ Nishikifuji ni shine is "extrusion".

▽ Takashi's victory over Ura was won by Ura by "leaning in".

▽ The Hirado Sea in Takayasu is "close" to the Hirado Sea.

▽ In the sea of Sata Ichiyamamoto won by "Hatakimori".

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji ni Koto Katsuho is "pushed out" by Kitakatsu Fuji.

▽ Suifuji to Hekiyama won by Suifuji "close to each other". Suifuji was the only one in the makuuchi to defend the top spot with eight consecutive wins from the first day to clinch the win.

▽ Abu Saki to Endo is "close" to Endo.

▽ Akio to Ryuden is "pushed down" by Akio.

▽ Daieisho won by "pushing" and defended only one loss in three roles.

▽ Kotonowaka ni tama eagle is "leaned over" by Kotonowaka .

▽ Wakamotoharu in the Shodai is "leaning over" by Masayo.

▽ Nishikiki ni Wakataka Kage won by "shove".

▽ Shomonkey ni Kirimayama is Kirimayama "good throw".

▽ Ontake Sea to Hoshoryu won by Hoshoryu "Closer".

At the end of the eighth day of the spring, Suifuji defended his sole lead with eight consecutive wins, and Daieisho followed with one loss.

Discourse of a sumo wrestler

Wang Peng, who returned the stars to five minutes with sumo wrestling that came out in front from start to finish, said, "I'm glad that I was able to take the sumo with a solid forward leaning position. We will do our best for the second half."

Takeshiyama, who won two matches in a row for the first time at this venue, said, "I haven't been able to push myself at all so far, so I want to be able to keep hitting like today.

Ura, who scored his fifth victory, explained how to relieve fatigue during the event: "The drive to the venue is the most fun. We're talking nonsense."

Kai Hirado defeated Takayasu, who has experience with Ozeki, in their first meeting, and he was satisfied, saying, "I've been watching him for a long time, so I was very happy and looking forward to the match.

When asked about his feelings during the losing streak, Ichiyamamoto, who won two consecutive games after losing six in a row, laughed and said, "I slept surprisingly well," and smiled, "Today's awakening was better than usual.

Suifuji, who was the only player to clinch the win after eight consecutive wins from the first day, expressed his joy, saying, "I didn't think I was conscious of it, but I woke up early and was a little nervous.
Furthermore, when mentioned that it is the lightest in the makuuchi, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "If a small person wins, he will become 'Oh', and if he can continue to defend the top position alone."

Koyui Daieisho, who defended his first defeat, said, "Yesterday it was like a suicide bomb in a hurry to attack. I'm glad I was able to reflect on it."
On top of that, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are the first to win the match, so we will concentrate on it tomorrow."

Kotonowaka Koyui, who defended his two losses, said, "I'm thinking about getting a good sumo match thoroughly.

Masayo, a former Ozeki player who lowered his ranking to the current place, also defended his two losses by winning Koyui Wakamotoharu, and felt that he was recovering, saying, "I often couldn't get sumo as much as I wanted to do in the previous place, so when I show my personality, my feelings will go in the right direction."
On top of that, when asked if he wanted to make his presence felt in the absence of Yokozuna and Ozeki, he said, "I'm the type of person who gets a little stiff when I'm careful, so I take it easy and show my personality."