It was at the end of the second Swedish Championship final between Luleå and Brynäs that Jenni Hiirikoski fell nastily to the ice after getting a ski shoe splint over her neck.

Players and referees helped the injured Luleå star with towels and jerseys and it was noticeably sharpened players who after a while made their way to the dressing rooms during the game break.

"It was shocking, I've never seen anything like this happen," says Brynäs' Finnish Matilda Nilsson.

"The first thing I thought was how I could help. I asked the Finnish players what I could do and just tried to help, but of course it was shocking. Then I just thought why isn't there an ambulance or something and I got a little angry about that.

After the accident, leader called 112 but it was a very long time before an ambulance was on the scene. Hiirikoski, who was conscious, was treated for a long time out on the ice and then lay on a stretcher near the locker rooms while waiting for an ambulance.

"It's something we have to improve, that there are doctors and ambulances on site. It shouldn't be the case that something has to happen for us to get an ambulance and a doctor for our matches," nilsson says.

The match resumed and Petra Nieminen extended to 5-3, which gave a Luleå victory. Matilda Nilsson said it was a tough restart.

"There was obviously a lot of emotion there, but we have each other here to talk to and we gave Luleå the chance to choose if they wanted to continue playing. It was a little difficult but it was just to keep going and do your best.

No Luleå players wanted to do interviews after the game.

In the SDHL there are no requirements for an ambulance during the games.

"It's obviously not good, I hope that will change," says Brynäs coach Filip Eriksson.

Tomorrow, Luleå, which has 2-0 in matches, can secure the Swedish Championship gold. The match starts at 18.05 and is broadcast on SVT.