It swung sharply in the third qualifying match between Brynäs and Malmö Redhawks. Brynäs needed to take a win to get new hope of staying in the top flight and they also scored the first goal of the game. It was Oscar Eklind who scored the only goal in the first period.

But it was followed by Malmö both equalizing and taking the lead in the second period. The lead goal came on the power play, through Adam Ollas Mattsson.

He would be a great hero for Malmö. He scored three goals in the game, one of them the decisive 4-3 goal that came when only a minute and a half remained of regular time.

The victory means that Malmö has three straight victories in the qualifying series and it is first to four that applies. Brynäs thus needs four straight wins to avoid leaving the SHL for the first time ever.

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