Jean-François Pérès, edited by Alexandre Dalifard 10:15 am, March 15, 2023

While Real Madrid, reigning European champions, receive Liverpool on the sidelines of the eighth final return of the Champions League, Karim Benzema makes his return to the Madrid squad after several days of absence. In the meantime, the former striker of the Blues settles his accounts with Didier Deschamps on social networks.

This Wednesday, Real Madrid hosts Liverpool at the Santiago-Bernabéu for the eighth leg of the Champions League final. Winners in the first leg (2-5), the Madrileños will be able as always to count on their Ballon d'Or, Karim Benzema. A player as adored in Madrid as divisive in France and his remote exchanges with Didier Deschamps since the football World Cup in Qatar do nothing to improve his image.

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Speaking "for the people"

For the past three months, everything has been happening on social networks. A "sacred Didier", accompanied by a clown's head, is the comment left by Karim Benzema under his Instagram post. It features a man facing the camera calling someone a "liar". The coach explained the day before the publication why KB9, injured, had left the World Cup so hastily. This made the Madrid striker jump, in his own way, and what embarrasses his coach Carlo Ancelotti. "You know, I respect them both a lot. Didier Deschamps was also one of my players, so I have a lot of respect for him as a sportsman, person and coach. In Italy, we say that we should not intervene in couple stories," said the Real Madrid tactician.

Karim Benzema in Instagram story

— Real Madrid FR (@FranceRMCF) February 27, 2023

On the other hand, the soap opera is far from over. Still on social networks, Karim Benzema announces that he will soon speak "for the people". In the meantime, the Ballon d'Or is expected in ten days at the Stade de France to celebrate his international retirement. A retirement announced by the coach of the Blues, but the height of absurdity, never confirmed by the number 9 Madrid. Promised, sworn, the people will know.