NBA = American professional basketball, Lakers Rui Hachimura participated in the Warriors match and scored two goals, but the team won.

Hachimura participated in the match against the Warriors in Los Angeles on the 5th from the middle of the 1st quarter, but he had few opportunities to get involved in the attack and did not score until the 3rd quarter.

He scored his first goal in the fourth quarter with a mid-range shot from near the free-throw line.

This was the only score in this game, and Hachimura played 20 minutes and 1 second and scored 2 goals and 3 rebounds.

The Lakers won 113-105 for a career record of 31-34.

Nets Yuta Watanabe Appeared for the first time in 5 games No score

On the other hand, Yuta Watanabe of the Nets participated in the Hornets match for the first time in five games.

Watanabe, who had missed the previous game with back pain, came on midway through the third quarter and took two shots, but scored no goals. was one steal.

The Nets won 102 to 86, making it 36 ​​wins and 28 losses for the first time in about a month.