In professional baseball, the Yakult vs. Giants match, which will be the first open game this year, was held in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture.

From this match, it became possible to cheer by speaking or using musical instruments, which had been prohibited since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and many fans cheered on the players' play.

For the first time in three years since this year's open game, professional baseball has taken infection control measures such as wearing masks at the discretion of each team, and it is now possible to cheer aloud and use musical instruments. increase.

In the Yakult vs. Giants match, the first open match of the year, held on the 23rd, fans sang along to the trumpet performance and cheered each time a goal was scored at the stadium. i am back.

In the game, both teams appealed their new strength, and in the Giants, new foreigner Brinson hit a three-run home run in his second at-bat three times, and Makoto Kadowaki, a rookie ranked 4th in the draft, went full with No. 9 and shortstop. I participated and showed good defense with two hits, including a timely two base, and produced results.

On the other hand, Yakult's rookie Keigo Kitamura, who was ranked 5th in the draft, played as a pinch hitter in the 6th inning and hit a solo home run to the left field.

Kitamura said, "It was my first open game, and there was a lot of people cheering me on. I want to take a chance and win the opening 1 army."

The Giants defeated Yakult 7-6 in the match.

Vocal support Fans "I've been waiting for a long time"

Fans who came to watch the game expressed their joy at the fact that professional baseball resumed cheering aloud from open games, saying, "I couldn't wait."

A man in his 50s from Naha who is a Yakult fan said, "I want to support the team while immersing myself in the joy of being able to speak out. I went to see the official match last year, but I couldn't speak out, so I'm very happy to be able to do it this year." was talking

A woman in her 50s from Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture, who is also a fan of Yakult, said, "If I can shout out when a score is scored, I feel that the audience and the players are working together to make the match, so I couldn't wait. It's been a long time since I've been cheering. , I want to start by remembering."

A man in his 30s from Saitama Prefecture who is a Giants fan said, "I've been patient for a long time, so I've been looking forward to this moment. I'm looking forward to it," he said.

Discuss whether each baseball team and the local government can support shouting out

NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball has shown a basic policy that it is possible to support vocally at the stadium if infection control is taken, and each team and each local government will discuss the details and decide.

According to each team that has announced its policy so far, it will be possible to cheer aloud if a mask is worn after the open game.

On the other hand, some teams have not yet announced details at this stage.

In addition, Yakult and Softbank have announced that it is possible to cheer using instruments such as trumpets and drums. This means that fans in the stands will be able to jump all at once to greet them when they head to the stadium, which is called "Yasuaki JUMP".

DeNA, Hanshin, Softbank, etc. continue to prohibit cheering by flying jet balloons.