In Seefeld 2019, Kristine Stavås Skistad got the chance for a senior championship for the first time.

The then 20-year-old skiing talent would challenge the favorites Stina Nilsson and Maiken Caspersen Falla for the WC gold.

And the Norwegian was also on her way to a final place - but suddenly fell on the run when she tried to sprint down the competitors.

- I know I could have crushed them on the run, said a tearful Skistad to SVT Sport afterwards.

Now, after what she herself describes as four tough years where she struggled to find her way back to herself, she is making a WC comeback.

And she's in better shape than ever.

In French Les Rousses, the last classic sprint before the World Cup was run - then Kristine Stavås Skistad won and at the same time took her first podium in the World Cup.

A result that makes the Swedes see the 24-year-old as favorite in the WC sprint.

- I think it's a bit strange that they have so little faith in themselves, counters Stavås Skistad.

Hear how the Swedes see Stavås Skistad as a contender for gold in the player above.


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