Axel May, edited by Loane Nader 07:34, Feb 17, 2023

There are only two days left before the end of the Alpine Ski Worlds in Courchevel, while the French have only won two medals so far, thanks to Savoyard Alexis Pinturault.

The next event, the giant, will therefore perhaps be an opportunity to win a third decoration, especially since it is the skier's strong point.

It's now a race against time in Courchevel for the 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championships. France has won two medals, and only one champion is to thank: Savoyard Alexis Pinturault.

The risk that he has had his fill of medals is therefore present.

Europe 1 went to ask the national technical director of the French Ski Federation, Pierre Mignerey, if it was possible that the champion still had an appetite for the competition, two days before its conclusion for the year 2023. 


 Alpine Skiing Worlds: with two medals, Alexis Pinturault has made his comeback

“He largely fulfilled his contract”

"The appetite comes with eating, that's clear. But on the other hand, I think he has really largely fulfilled his contract in these world championships. Afterwards, they are great champions, we know that they always want more."

replies the representative of the FFS, confident in the competitive spirit of "Pintu" and his French teammates.

Pierre Mignerey is not the only one to have faith in his athlete.

Christophe, a local resident and early supporter, proudly displays his special Alexis Pinturault bell: "It's a big cow bell. It is dedicated only to Alexis because it bears his likeness, and his portrait is painted on the bell".

This is a great way to celebrate the record holder, while waiting to see his performance this Friday on the slopes of Courchevel, the resort where he grew up.