The Chinese Table Tennis Association will hold two trials before the Durban World Table Tennis Championships. The mixed doubles competition is the most intense

Ma Long's partner Chen Meng and Wang Chuqin teamed up again with Sun Yingsha

  As the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban is approaching, in accordance with the strategy of completing the objectives of participating in the Paris Olympics and focusing on the training of young reserve players for the Los Angeles Olympics, the China Table Tennis Association will hold two trials before the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban. The trials consist of men's and women's singles and mixed It consists of three projects, the first selection competition will be held in Beijing from February 18th to 23rd.

  Men's and women's singles champions in the trials

  Qualify directly for singles

  At the beginning of January, in the Asian preliminaries of the 2023 Durban World Table Tennis Championships held in Doha, the Chinese table tennis team has qualified for 5 men's and women's singles and 2 pairs for each of the three doubles.

According to the rules, the players who won the men's and women's singles championships in the two trials held this time will directly qualify for the Durban World Table Tennis Championships singles.

The mixed doubles champion of the two races will be selected according to the total score of the two races and get a place for the mixed doubles competition. If the results are the same, it will be determined through the PK competition.

  The men's and women's singles champions of the 2023 WTT Singapore Grand Slam (March 7-19) will also be directly qualified for the men's and women's singles at the Durban World Table Tennis Championships. Combat capabilities, technical and tactical characteristics, etc., are determined based on merit.

  The first trials will be held in Beijing from February 18th to 23rd.

In the selection competition of this site, except for some athletes who participated in WTT competitions abroad in the singles event, all the athletes (16 male athletes and 13 female athletes) ranked in the top 100 in the ITTF world singles competition in the fifth week of this year will participate in this selection competition.

The second trial will be held after the WTT Singapore Grand Slam (March 7-19). According to the domestic and foreign WTT competition arrangements and the national team's training plan for the Durban World Table Tennis Championships, the time and place of the competition will be determined separately.

  Straight-through selection continues for many years

  Everyone signed up very enthusiastically

  The head coach of the men's team, Wang Hao, said that the through competition is a platform for the whole team to compete together. The men's team, from old players to Mesozoic players, to young players, hopes that they can do their best in such games.

  "In particular, there are many young players who want to hit the main force and improve themselves in all aspects. Such trials are very important to them. After all, all Olympic champions and world champions grow up through competition. Including players like Grand Slam players like Ma Long and core players like Fan Zhendong will go all out to participate in the competition." Wang Hao said.

  According to Ma Lin, the head coach of the women's team, the national table tennis has continued for many years in the form of direct selection.

"I hope that the players of the women's team can get exercise in the competition and play at their best level. I think the players who can compete in the Chinese table tennis team have confidence and vitality." Ma Lin said.

  Xiao Zhan, the team leader of the mixed doubles team, said that according to the needs of preparations and the characteristics of the individual style of play, the mixed doubles determined 11 pairs of players with strong strength to directly enter the main match, and other players can sign up to participate in the mixed doubles competition through individual voluntary combination Come.

Judging from the registration situation, everyone is very enthusiastic. Almost all the players in Beijing participated in this mixed doubles competition.

  Qualifications for this mixed doubles event

  will be chosen between the two races

  In the mixed doubles event, only one pair of players from each country can participate in the Olympic Games, so the straight-through qualification for this mixed doubles event will be generated from the mixed doubles champion winners of the two competitions.

Xiao Zhan said that the championship in the Paris Olympic Games is the only goal of China's mixed doubles.

He said: "Even if you finish second in both races, there is no chance of getting a pass-through spot. We just want to test who can win the game in the final."

  Head coach Li Sun repeatedly emphasized the importance of competition when talking about the direct selection competition, hoping to build an open, fair and just competition platform for all athletes, whether they are Olympic champions or young players, they can stimulate their greatest potential .

"So our direct match is not only a competition for the whole team, but also a re-ranking of everyone's seats in the new cycle and in the new year. You can only stand the test internationally if you can win within the team. Through competition Only the selected players can be used by our coaching staff, and the players themselves can have confidence in themselves." Li Sun said.

  Text/Reporter Zhou Xueshuai

  entry list

  Men's Singles: Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Xiang Peng, Yuan Licen, Lin Shidong, Zhou Qihao, Liang Yanzhu, Liu Dingshuo, Zhao Zihao, Xu Yingbin, Xue Fei, Chen Yuanyu, Zhou Kai

  Women's singles: Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong, Fan Siqi, Zhang Rui, Qian Tianyi, Liu Weishan, Kuaiman, He Zhuojia, Chen Yi, Shi Xunyao

  The list of 11 mixed doubles players who will directly enter the main match: Ma Long/Chen Meng, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha, Lin Shidong/Kaiman, Liang Jingkun/Qian Tianyi, Yuan Licen/Wang Yidi, Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong, Wei Shihao/Wang Tianyi , Yu Ziyang/Sun Mingyang, Zhao Zihao/Fan Siqi, Liang Yanzhu/He Zhuojia

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