On February 11, the Polish Men's Volleyball Club Gdansk announced that Chinese player Zhang Jingyin will wear the same No. 22 jersey as the national team to play in the Polish Men's Volleyball League.

Zhang Jingyin has also become another Chinese player to join a high-level overseas league after Jiang Chuan and Zhu Ting.

Chinese players are being recognized by overseas clubs and awarded overseas league contracts by virtue of their outstanding performance in the national team and the league.

  Recommended by the Volleyball Association and the local team, successfully entered the overseas league

  Recently, the Chinese men's and women's volleyball national teams have successively assembled in Fujian and Zhejiang training bases to start a new year of training.

Unlike previous years, many main players did not appear at the training base.

Under the recommendation and operation of the Chinese Volleyball Association and local teams, men's volleyball team Jiang Chuan, women's volleyball leader Zhu Ting, men's volleyball league leader Zhang Jingyin and other players have landed in overseas leagues.

  This is a gratifying step taken by Chinese volleyball to improve the level of volleyball by sending high-level players to join high-level leagues.

On the other hand, the level of the Chinese men's and women's volleyball national teams and leagues has also been recognized by overseas leagues.

Previously, Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team, received an annual salary of one million euros in the Turkish Women's Volleyball League.

Zhu Ting's previous performance in the national team has conquered the top overseas leagues.

At the beginning of this year, the setter Yao Di, who had just won the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League Championship on behalf of the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team, also won the contract of the Serie A Scandic team and became teammates with Zhu Ting.

  Zhejiang player Zhang Jingyin, who performed well in the Chinese Men's Volleyball Super League, arrived in Gdansk, Poland with his coaching team on the 11th, and is about to join the Polish Men's Volleyball Super League.

Zhang Jingyin's jersey number at the club is still the number 22 of the national team.

The Polish Men's Volleyball Super League is one of the three top men's volleyball leagues in the world. As the first Chinese player to play in the Polish Men's Volleyball Super League, Zhang Jingyin faces a lot of challenges.

First of all, the number of foreign players in the Polish Super League is limited to three players, and secondly, Zhang Jingyin will also face the test of strong European blocks in the game.

In this regard, Zhang Jingyin said that he participated in the competition with a learning attitude.

  Serie A ushered in the third foreign aid from China this season.

Miao Yiwen, who was born in 2000, has served as the main attack and support of the Sichuan Women's Volleyball Team for the past two seasons.

As the absolute core of the team, Miao Yiwen scored 6.59 points and 5.86 points per game in this China Women's Volleyball League, ranking first in both rankings.

In the ranking of the effective scoring index of the main attacking players, Miao Yiwen's effective scoring index reached 4.37, ranking second only to Li Yingying.

It can be said that Miao Yiwen moved the Serie A team with her outstanding performance in the league.

  The road to study abroad is bitter and sweet. Fame and position are earned

  Going to overseas league matches is an opportunity and a challenge for Chinese players.

The overseas club league gathers masters and various styles of play from all over the world.

On the one hand, Chinese players need to compete with opponents across the net, and on the other hand, they also have to compete with their teammates for playing opportunities.

Just like Zhu Ting, her fame and status are all based on competition and performance.

  Under the active operation and recommendation of the Chinese Volleyball Association and local teams, Chinese men's volleyball players set off an upsurge of "study abroad".

Before the start of the Chinese Men's Volleyball League, the Beijing Automobile Men's Volleyball Team has already sent many players including Jiang Chuan, Wang Dongchen, and Zhang Binglong to compete with other teams overseas.

At present, Peng Shikun, Yu Yuantai, Yu Yaochen, etc. have joined Asian clubs such as Japan and Qatar to play.

At present, Jiang Chuan has gained a firm foothold in the Japanese Men's Volleyball League by virtue of his skills and hard work.

He has won the title of scoring champion in a single game in the Japanese league many times, and was also selected to the All-Star team.

On the other hand, the Hiroshima club is only responsible for Jiang Chuan's two meals a day on training days and match days, and other daily necessities must be purchased by himself.

Jiang Chuan needs to take care of his diet and daily life to ensure that his body is in the best condition.

  As the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League came to an end, the Beijing Auto Women's Volleyball Team helped Jin Ye complete the formalities and joined the Jakarta BIN team in the Indonesian League together with Chen Peiyan of the Guangdong Women's Volleyball Team.

This shows the Beijing women's volleyball team's support for players going abroad to play.

In the first show of Jin Ye and Chen Peiyan joining the Indonesian League, the two helped the team defeat the six-time champion of the Indonesian League, the National Power Women's Volleyball Team.

It is a pity that the team terminated the contract with Jin Ye after that, and the national player failed to play a complete Indonesian league.

  Training camp + overseas Chinese volleyball needs to walk on two legs

  In the 2023 season, both the Chinese men's and women's volleyball teams will face the test of major competitions.

In addition to the World League and Asian Championships, the Chinese men's volleyball team also has Asian Games and Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

This time, the Chinese men's volleyball team will conduct a three-month training camp, hoping to strengthen their basic skills, further polish their skills and tactics, and prepare for their qualification for the Paris Olympics.

The Chinese women's volleyball team even shouted the slogan that they must win the Asian Games.

At that time, the players who will fight overseas are bound to become an important part of the national team.

From training camp to studying abroad, Chinese volleyball has started to walk on two legs.

  In late May this year, the Chinese women's volleyball team will soon compete in the World Women's Volleyball League.

The 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifying Tournament held from September 16 to 24 and the Hangzhou Asian Games held from September 28 to October 7 are even more important.

Head coach Cai Bin said that the goal of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the Asian Games must be a gold medal.

In addition, the Chinese women's volleyball team will also get tickets to the Paris Olympics in the qualifying rounds as soon as possible.

  In the Chinese men's volleyball training camp, the number of Chinese men's volleyball players participating in the training was reduced from 25 to 18 due to Jiang Chuan, Zhang Jingyin and many other players participating in overseas leagues.

Zhang Jingyin said: "When we play abroad, we can broaden our horizons and realize a different level of league. In high-level clubs, we can learn how other people train and play. I hope that when we play abroad, we can take their good things. Bring it back, and then we learn and improve together."

  The number of Chinese women's volleyball team training was also reduced from 23 to 18 because Ding Xia, Zhu Ting and others did not participate in the training.

At present, Zhu Ting and Yao Di are fighting fiercely in the Italian Women's Volleyball League.

Zhu Ting performed steadily, maintaining a success rate of about 50% in many games.

Yao Di also began to enter the starting list and found his place in the team.

  Overseas leagues also give young players the opportunity to impact the future position of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

Sun Jie, who comes from Shandong, has joined the Maccabi Club of Haifa in the Israeli League until the end of the 2023 season. She is the first player from China in the history of the Israeli Women's Volleyball League.

Miao Yiwen became the third Chinese player to land in Serie A this season after Zhu Ting and Yao Di.

If these players perform well in overseas leagues, they may be able to impress the head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Cai Bin.

  Whether these overseas players can become the main force of the Chinese volleyball national team in the future depends on their own abilities and the needs of the team.

Since the pace of Chinese volleyball training + study abroad has been taken, it should be bold.

Just as Zhang Jingyin said when talking about his communication with Wu Sheng, the head coach of the Chinese men's volleyball team, "Coach Wu also hopes that I can have a good exercise when I go abroad this time, and have a major breakthrough in receiving and serving, and bring my good experience to me. Come back and play well in the national team in the future.”

  Text/Reporter Chu Peng Coordinator/Du Rui