Cyrille de la Morinerie, edited by Loane Nader 10:02 a.m., February 09, 2023

On Tuesday, Alexis Pinturault celebrated his victory after obtaining the title of combined world champion in alpine skiing.

A question now arises, will he be able to win a second medal at the World Ski Championships in Courchevel?

A major opponent also covets the title, it is the Swiss Marco Odermatt. 

Alexis Pinturault, just crowned the combined world champion title, will start at the top of the Eclipse track this Thursday morning.

From now on, all the efforts of professional sportsmen are made with the aim of achieving the double.

The Courchevel skier, freed from a weight after his success in combined, will link turns with a lot of confidence.

Because last Tuesday, Alexis Pinturault had achieved the best time of the combined super-G.

He also won a third place in a World Cup event this season, in this speed discipline that he particularly likes. 


 France wants to show its know-how at the Courchevel World Ski Championships

Marco Odermatt, a strong opponent

"The super-G is a discipline where I have fun. It's a discipline where I've managed to get good results since the start of the season, where I feel pretty good on my skis. So see after what we can do, but here it is, step by step," reassures the 31-year-old champion, who will face very big competition from Austria and Norway.

But it is above all the Swiss Marco Odermatt, world number one at 25 and huge favorite, that Pinturault can fear.

The French skier, however, keeps a cool head thanks to the encouragement of his public.

He hopes to panic the lap times and make the Marseillaise resonate throughout Savoie.