• Interview Ana Peleteiro: "That the two medalists were black will piss off a lot of people"

Ana Peleteiro

doing squats with weights on her shoulders or on her legs.

Ana Peleteiro hitting a sack to exhaustion.

Ana Peleteiro lifting a medicine ball from the ground to the sky.

Ana Peleteiro dragging a fully loaded cart.

Ana Peleteiro climbing the box on one leg and stretching a rope at the same time.

Ana Peleteiro, in short, training, really training at eight months pregnant or just a few weeks after the birth of her daughter

De ella Lúa

, on December 20.

Last year, with her bronze at the Tokyo Games around her neck, at the age of 27, the best Spanish athlete launched herself before a difficult challenge, that motherhood did not mean the decline of her career, and she is close to getting away with it. .

A month and a half after giving birth, she has already recovered, she has jumped again and will soon return to specific training on the tartan.

As she has already announced, the Budapest World Cup this August is her goal and she is no longer so daring to think of another podium finish at the Paris 2024 Games. How did she make such a quick comeback?

"With alot of work.

She is very good, she is a hard worker and she has a lot of desire.

The truth is that I am stunned, her improvement has been enormous, I already give her a real cane, "says her personal trainer during prepartum and postpartum,

Cristina Díaz

, who was an elite swimmer.

Of Galician roots and formerly of the Blume residence in Madrid, like the jumper, Peleteiro knew her through social networks - Díaz had worked with celebrities such as

Lara Álvarez, Sara Sálamo, Blanca Suárez



- and practically called her when he saw the two stripes in the pregnancy test.

By the seventh week they were already working together with a premise: "Strength work as a priority."

Ana lt;HIT gt;Peleteiro lt;/HIT gt;Carlos Garcia PozoMUNDO

“Before rest was recommended, then moderate movement, recently everything was focused on cardio, but in the last four or five years studies have shown that strength is essential in pregnancy.

In any pregnancy.

Imagine yourself in Ana's pregnancy. She had just lifted a lot of weight, taking that away from her was the worst thing we could do.

Adapting the loads, with control of the technique and compensatory work on the pelvic floor, she was training strength until the day before giving birth”, recalls Díaz, with her own brand, CrysDyaz&CO, a team of trainers under her charge and a gym in La Moraleja.

The return after the cesarean section

According to the coach, Peleteiro's pregnancy was sweet, she had no complications during the third trimester and she was able to train according to plan, but an emergency forced Lúa to be born by caesarean section and that led to changes.

Recovery had to be different, slower... though not that much.

«Usually, after a caesarean section, a woman has to stand longer, she must wait for her body to recover.

In the case of Ana, the tests showed us very soon that she was ready to return and we were able to start earlier.

Another mother may return in the seventh or eighth week;

she is right now at that moment and even already jumps.

It is not usual, “acknowledges Díaz, with a proposal for the future in hand.

Peleteiro has been training in Guadalajara since 2016 with

Iván Pedroso

, long jump legend, and will continue with him, but now Díaz will accompany them in the process.

The idea is that the trainer provides specific work focused on abdominal control, work that can even improve her technique in the triple jump.

"Iván is a crack, a genius in his own, and we can build synergies between the two," envisions Díaz, who now works daily in person with Peleteiro.

Ana lt;HIT gt;Peleteiro lt;/HIT gt;Carlos Garcia PozoMUNDO

In the first months of pregnancy, the jumper settled in Paris, where her partner, also a jumper

Benjamin Compaoré

, is from, but shortly before Lúa's birth they both already settled in Guadalajara, where they will build their family life.

With the Budapest World Cup and the 2024 Paris Games on the horizon, Peleteiro will work between Pedroso's group in Guadalajara - where she shares training with champion

Yulimar Rojas

- and Cristina Díaz's gym in La Moraleja.

There, in addition, she will find more and more familiar faces.

«Several elite athletes have written to me, Ana is helping us to make training during pregnancy visible in a very beautiful, very clean way.

I think that her example, like others, is helping to change the conception of pregnancy, to show that you cannot train, you must train.

It is very necessary for the health of the mother and the baby, for labor and for subsequent recovery”, Díaz concludes before designing the next session for Peleteiro.

Squats with weights, blows to the bag, medicine ball, wheelbarrow with loads, climbs to the box, everything is possible for a quick, very quick return.

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