[Explanation] On February 7th, the opening ceremony of the event to commemorate the successful first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games and the "Seventh China Disabled Ice and Snow Sports Season" 2023 Beijing Disabled Ice and Snow Carnival opened in Beijing Expo Park. Citizens Come to experience a variety of ice and snow projects.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Tan, a citizen of Beijing

  One is that I am very happy, and there is such a good venue, because we used to play this place when we were young, and we don’t usually have the opportunity, but today we can create this opportunity for us, and we have a great time here.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Zhu, a citizen of Beijing

  I just played these two kinds, one is tabletop (curling) and the other is (dry-floor curling). I think it is very interesting and fun.

I still like watching curling, and I always want to go somewhere to feel it, and I feel it today.

  [Explanation] In order to allow more disabled friends to experience the joy of ice and snow sports, the design of the experience project focuses on reducing the difficulty and improving the safety factor of the experiencers, and multiple people can cooperate to participate in the experience.

  [Concurrent] Liu Jiqiu, head of the Propaganda Department of Yanshan Disabled Persons' Federation, Fangshan District, Beijing

  Our City Disabled Persons' Federation, including the China Disabled Persons' Federation, have taken it into consideration, and designed the project with a relatively low degree of difficulty, a relatively high safety factor (for the experiencer), and at the same time, they can experience the joy of going on ice.

For example, these dryland curling games have been added this year. Everyone can play on the ice, and everyone can feel the common happiness together, and many of them are done together.

  [Explanation] Many Paralympic champions also came to the scene to share the fun of ice and snow with everyone.

  [Concurrent] Chinese Paralympic cross-country skier Zheng Peng

  Everyone is getting more and more familiar with ice and snow sports, and I am really happy to see them skiing on the snow. We will also gallop freely on the snow, feeling like flying (), very comfortable.

  [Concurrent] Chinese wheelchair curling player Yan Zhuo

  I think the Winter Paralympic Games is not only for our athletes, but also for all disabled friends. I also hope that I can play a leading role in my own strength, so that everyone can understand this project and let everyone Come out for a walk and experience the ice and snow project.

  [Explanation] Chen Jianxin, a Chinese wheelchair curling player, said that in recent years, it can be felt that the whole society has paid more and more attention to the disabled group.

  [Concurrent] Chinese wheelchair curling player Chen Jianxin

  Because I was injured the day after tomorrow, it may have been more than ten years since I was 18 (injured), and I have come step by step from becoming a disabled person. I feel that the society is paying more and more attention to the disabled, and the degree of attention is also particularly large.

  [Concurrent] 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games P2 women's 10m air pistol-SH1 champion Lin Haiyan

  Beijing has held three sports games related to the disabled, the "Far South" Games in 1994, the Paralympic Games in 2008, and the Paralympic Winter Games last year. The biggest change in each game for the disabled is barrier-free (Design), each time is a big step forward, and it has a great role in promoting the travel of the disabled and various opportunities.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the Ice and Snow Carnival for the Disabled has been held for seven consecutive years since 2016, and has driven more than 100,000 disabled friends in Beijing to participate in ice and snow sports.

  Dong Zeyu reports from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]