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Club World Cup

has arrived without time, agitated by a


calendar that waits for no one and hastened by the neglect of their rulers, unable to

order the competitions

so that




celebrate the tournament in all its splendor.

The two cities of


, which still sing and dance in their streets due to the success of their country in


, are hosting the champion clubs of the football planet these days.

Supposedly, because

they are not all who are

nor are they all who are.

It is the result of having announced the dates and venue only a month and a half ago.

The only novelty will be an

arbitration experiment

, the '

live VAR

': the match official will explain his decisions to the public, both in the stadium and to television viewers, and not only to the footballers.

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Club World Cup.

Savio, a life between Flamengo and Real Madrid, like Vinicius: "If dribbling is a provocation, I don't understand football anymore"

  • Drafting: ABRAHAM P. ROMERO (Special envoy) Rabat (Morocco)

Savio, a life between Flamengo and Real Madrid, like Vinicius: "If dribbling is a provocation, I don't understand football anymore"

Due to the

domino effect

of the World Cup, in Morocco there are the

European Champions League (UEFA)


the Copa Libertadores



), the important ones for FIFA,

Real Madrid




Champions League champion



, the first club from the

United States

to participate in a Club World Cup;

or the winner of the

Oceania Champions

League (OFC),

Auckland City.

But the champion of the

Asian Champions will not be there

, whose current edition is still in the round of 16.

They have not been able to accelerate nor have they waited for them.

And the result has been a fix that keeps the relations of the new football firm.


Hilal from Saudi Arabia

, the 2021 Asian champion who already played in the last Club World Cup, received an invitation from FIFA.

In their first match, they eliminated the

Moroccan Wydad


African champion

who did not act as such, but represented the

host country

and left the African position, also by FIFA choice, for the Egyptian

Al-Ahly ,


runner -up

and today's rival from Madrid.

That is to say, neither the executioner of Flamengo, who has given the great surprise of the tournament, nor the rival of Madrid are the 2022 champions of their confederation.

"Here are the best in the world," insisted Infantino, FIFA president, at the draw celebration.

How much money does the winner get?

Madrid and each of the participants will receive

one million dollars

for being in Morocco, a figure that will increase according to what they achieve in the tournament.

The champion will take 5

and the runner-up, 4. The calendar weighs more than money, especially for whites.

The Spanish Federation has had to move the

semifinals of the Copa del Rey

(Real Madrid-Barça and Osasuna-Athletic), scheduled for the first weeks of February, to the first week of March and April.

A movement that leaves the players of the white team with

games every three days

almost until mid-April, counting on the national team break.

The only moderately calm week will be that of March 6, in which they will only play the weekend game against



If they win the Champions League round of 16 against Liverpool, they would not have a rest during the week until May.

The future 'Super World Cup'

The return to Morocco, however, gives off a certain joyful past.

In the Arab country,

the whites won in 2014

and will act as '


' looking for their eighth world crown: three Intercontinentals and four Mundialitos.

They have only lost two:


in 1966 and

Boca Juniors

in 2000. Although in a

possible final


Al Hilal

the support will be more even, even unfavorable for the whites.

Thousands of Saudis who filled the stands yesterday (60,000 people) live in Africa and have traveled to Africa together with the sad Brazilians from Flamengo, and who hope to repeat against Madrid, with

tickets from 20 euros

and endless queues of up to

70,000 people

at the virtual box office.

On the horizon, the new '

Club Super World Cup

' planned for

June 2025


FIFA wants to include 32 teams and although the slots by confederation have not yet been decided, the idea is that the last four or five winners of the main competitions of the six confederations will participate, waiting to see how the rest of the fields are filled. participants.

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