Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 7th. According to the China Go Association, the 2022 Huawei Mobile Cup China Go League A League ended the last round of the regular season on the 7th. The defending champion Supor Hangzhou team ranked first in the league after 15 rounds of competition.

  After the regular season, Siege will enter the playoffs.

According to the league regulations, among the 16 participating teams, the top eight in the regular season will enter the championship zone, and the ninth to 16th will enter the relegation zone.

  In the match that day, the Supor Hangzhou team beat the Jiangxi Jindal Environmental Protection Team 4:0, and Gu Zihao of the Jiangxi team lost to the South Korean foreign aid Shin Jinjo of the Supor Hangzhou team in the main game.

The defeated Jiangxi team might have fallen out of the top eight, but fortunately, the Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team behind them failed to seize the opportunity.

  Last season's Siege League Finals runner-up Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team ranked ninth before this round. If they want to enter the championship zone, they must defeat Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team in the final game.

Ding Hao, the world champion who just won the LG Cup, unexpectedly lost to Beijing's Liu Yuhang, who had just won the LG Cup. In the end, the Beijing team defeated the Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team 2:2. The results entered the relegation zone.

  Ranked second in the standings, Jiangsu Godbeast Feifei team defeated Zhejiang Zheshang Securities team 3:1, and Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team ranked third defeated Rizhao Shanhai Elephant team 3:1.

Ke Jie, the leader of the Shenzhen Longhua team, lost to the veteran Gu Lingyi. The Shenzhen team lost 2:2 to the Kaifeng Yijiao team in this round, and finally ranked sixth in the regular season.

  In other games of the day, Quzhou Lanke team beat Lhasa Chess Academy team 4:0, Shanghai Jianqiao Academy team won Jiajia Food Tianjin team 3:1, and Chongqing T23 team beat Shanghai Qingyi Youth Team 4:0.

  The Siege Playoffs will start on the 9th. The first round of the championship area will be: Quzhou Lanke (fifth) vs. Zhejiang Zheshang Securities (eighth); Shenzhen Longhua (sixth) vs. Jiangxi Jindal Environmental Team (seventh).

The first round matchup in the relegation zone is: Shanghai Jianqiao College Team (9th) vs. Lhasa Chess Academy Team (12th); Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou Team (10th) vs. Rizhao Shanhai Elephant Team (11th).