Shingo Kunieda, a leading wheelchair tennis player who won all four Grand Slam tournaments and the Paralympic Games, achieving the "Lifetime Golden Slam" and announced his retirement last month, held a press conference in Tokyo from around 2:00 pm. started.

Approximately 180 journalists gathered at the venue, and Mr. Kunieda appeared in a suit and attended the press conference.

The 38-year-old Kunieda has set an unprecedented record for her Grand Slam singles titles, boasting 28, her most ever.

He has participated in the Paralympic Games five times in a row since the Athens Games in 2004, and won his fourth gold medal at the Tokyo Games two years ago. He has achieved the “Lifetime Golden Slam” of winning the Grand Tournament and the Paralympic Games.

On the 22nd of last month, Kunieda announced on her personal SNS that she would be retiring, while still maintaining her number one ranking in the world.