, Beijing, February 7th. A few days ago, the second training session of the LIKEHOOP basketball class winter vacation ended in Beijing.

During the training period, the trainees experienced the training ground of the national team and observed the training of the Taekwondo National Youth Team at close range. With the help of scientific training methods and high-tech auxiliary means, they benefited a lot.

Photo provided by the organizer.

  A week ago, nearly 50 coaches and students from the LIKEHOOP basketball class entered the Beijing Sport University Erqi National Ice and Snow Sports Training and Scientific Research Base (hereinafter referred to as the Erqi Base) to start this training session.

  The Erqi Base is one of the important supporting projects for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the base camp for the training of the national team, and the frontier for technology to help the Olympics.

During the National Day in 2022, the LIKEHOOP basketball class once trained here, and became the first youth basketball training institution to enter the Erqi Base.

Photo provided by the organizer.

  After nearly half a year, the trainees were able to experience the training ground of the national team once again in an immersive way. The basketball hall, gymnasium, rehabilitation center, champion restaurant, and athletes' apartments all left their presence.

They can not only recover from sports fatigue in the spa after a day of training, but also watch the national team training on the spot.

  On the sidelines of the training field of the Taekwondo National Youth Team, the students watched the preparations of the Taekwondo players before, during and after training at close range. They were meticulous in every move and style, which was of great guiding significance to their follow-up training.

Many students said that basketball and Taekwondo have something in common, they are both passionate sports, and they have benefited a lot from watching the training of their predecessors.

Photo provided by the organizer.

  This training camp continued the first training arrangement before the festival. On the camp entry and camp closing days, four special tests were conducted on the students, such as standing long jump, 3/4 field sprint running, trapezoidal sliding and obstacle layup. Data to test the training effect.

  What is different from before is that LIKEHOOP specially hired professionals in the basketball classroom to conduct Functional Movement Screening (FMS) for the students. By diagnosing the flexibility and stability of the body, it is possible to discover human movement defects in order to scientifically predict and prevent sports injuries, and according to Insufficient body movement corresponding to the test score, targeted corrective training to improve the basic movement ability of athletes, thereby improving the functionality and sports performance of sports-specific training.

Photo provided by the organizer.

  In addition, the LIKEHOOP basketball class invites track and field coaches to guide students in correct running, jumping and other sports postures to improve sports efficiency.

  In this training camp, the LIKEHOOP basketball classroom arranged bone age tests for students of the right age to predict their future height data and provide scientific reference for their basketball development.

  During the training camp, the regular training content of the trainees includes physical fitness, strength, shooting, technique and other training.

In addition, the coach will set aside time for the students to complete the daily learning tasks during the holidays.

The ball must be played well, and the homework must not be lost. This is the consistent requirement of the LIKEHOOP basketball class for the students.

Photo provided by the organizer.

  With the successful conclusion of this one-week training camp, the winter vacation training of LIKEHOOP basketball class this year has also come to a successful conclusion.

Li Ke's guidance concluded: "The children worked very hard during the training camp. Many children have made great progress in terms of personal life self-care ability and basketball level. We provide them with a large platform to help them improve their skills. I hope to broaden their horizons and help them improve their abilities and qualities other than basketball.” (End)