Watch the new documentary about the LIV tour: "LIV or Death?"

The feud between the US PGA Tour and the Saudi-funded upstart LIV Tour is fraught, with lawsuits filed between the two parties.

The trial had been scheduled for January 2024, but now the PGA Tour has requested that it be postponed.

The representatives of the LIV tour have not been keen on that, so yesterday their lawyers submitted an opinion in which they argued that the judge should not grant the wishes of the PGA tour.

- The delay would harm LIV as the (PGA) Tour continues its anti-competitive behavior while the litigation continues.

The tour has damaged LIV's brand, increased our costs by hundreds of millions of dollars and reduced our revenue to virtually zero," they write in the statement, according to ESPN.

That LIV practically makes no money at all is remarkable, as they spent huge sums in its first year.

For example, the former world number one Dustin Johnson reportedly received around SEK 1.2 billion just to sign up for the LIV tour, and then earned over SEK 365 million in prize money during last year's seven competitions.

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Trailer: "LIFE or DEATH?"