At the beginning of March, Joel Lundqvist turns 41.

After the season, Frölunda's team captain chooses to end his playing career.

- It has been one of the SHL's absolute most tone-setting players in his Frölunda.

He has achieved great success, both in Frölunda and with the national team.

He is a very good hockey player and above all a great team captain, says SVT Sports hockey expert Håkan Loob.

Among other things, Lundqvist has won three WC golds, four SM golds and four CHL titles.

Håkan Loob tries to put into words what he has meant to Frölunda.

"Excellent leadership"

- You can use among the biggest words available.

He has really been a big part behind the success that Frölunda has achieved.

As a leader, he has shown excellent leadership, both on and off the ice, says Loob.

What has distinguished him as a player?

- The big heart.

That he was always so driven, regardless of whether it was a pre-season game or an SHL final.

And as a leader, that is exactly what you want.