Caroline Seger is part of the national team squad that gathers in February to warm up for this summer's WC.

But for the team captain, there won't be a match, just training.

This when she has just started stepping up her training with Rosengård.

- We just started so I felt I needed this week to see how I feel and how my promotion is going and it has gone well, she says.

It was during the European Championships that Seger suffered a serious injury to his hamstring.

But even though a long absence followed, it was never a question of quitting.

- Rather the opposite.

The injury came quite suddenly too, so in my head there has never been any talk about it.

I have two more years with Rosengård and I want to complete it.

Football still means so much to me.

The drive that I still have and that burning in me means that I still have the motivation to play at that level.

"They have to hold me back"

The rehabilitation of the injury has gone unexpectedly well.

The goal is to come back in full swing - and hopefully play the WC this summer.

- It is a goal that is very far ahead, something that I strive for, but at the same time I have to rise to my level, I have to play good football.

I have to get back to playing fully, not in pain and enjoying football.

Start there somewhere and then everything else will fall into place naturally, she says.

The 37-year-old has hopes of soon being able to be on the pitch for 90 minutes again.

- I see myself playing in the near future, but they (the physiotherapists) have to hold me back a bit, it has been a long injury and then you have to be careful so you don't go from zero to one hundred and get a setback instead.

I don't want that, but I want to do it the right way and take the time I need.