To say the least, an important match for both teams when Broberg took on Motala on home ice in the Helsingehus arena.

Motala in seventh place in the table, Broberg in eighth.

Both hoping to win and get into the top 6 to secure a quarter final spot.

The match started intensely but goalless.

Goal chances in both directions, but no real hit.

In the thirty-second minute of the match, the first goal finally came, a somewhat random one.

Tatu Ässämäki worked hard along the short line and finally got the ball to Jesper Öhrlund - who hit the air.

The ball instead ended up with Rasmus Linder, who was able to make it 1-0 to Broberg.

"Now we win this in second"

Broberg lead at halftime, but Motala's Oscar Stadin was not worried when he took his place at the interview microphone.

- Now we win this in the second, he said.

And at the beginning of the second half, a goal was in the air, but the ball did not want to go in.

Jonas Enander had a great opportunity to equalize from close range, but Max Bergström saved.

No goal for Motala, instead Broberg extended the following minute after a goal by Jonas Nygren.

The 3-0 goal came via Robin Öhrlund's stick.

Reduced in the final minutes

With just over fourteen minutes left, the reduction came.

Corner for Motala and shot by Albin Bjerkegren straight into the roof of the net.

But it was never exciting.

Broberg made it 4-1 with minutes left to play.

- It's like a playoff even now, so extremely important, Jonas Nygren said after the victory.

Ahead of the final round, Broberg is in the playoffs, but Nygren does not withdraw anything in advance.

- We have an important match on Friday.

We will do everything we can to win it.