• Interview Savio, a life between Flamengo and Real Madrid, like Vinicius: "If haggling is a provocation, I don't understand football anymore"

  • Controversy Vinicius, Raíllo's shield, Maffeo's kick and 10 fouls as the culmination of the war: "It's not his fault"

The press conference prior to the semifinals of the

Club World Cup


Real Madrid





served for the white team to unite around

Vinicius Júnior

, who experienced one of his most complicated matches last Sunday in



In addition to the football 'war' against the defenders of the Balearic team, commanded by

Maffeo and Raíllo

, the Brazilian was once again the target of some unfortunate racist chants.


Monkey! Monkey

!" They yelled at him from the stands, in a situation that has already been denounced by LaLiga and is being investigated by the competent authorities.



, the venue this week for Madrid's new attempt to win the Mundialito,

Carlo Ancelotti and Fede Valverde

came out in defense of the young striker.

"What is the problem?

What does Vinicius have to defend himself from?

Here it seems that the problem is Vinicius", criticized the Italian coach, who put the focus directly on "the problem of Spanish football".


The problem is what happens around Vinicius

. It is a problem of Spanish football and it is a problem that we have to solve. Vinicius is the victim of something that I do not understand", he valued.

Before, Fede Valverde, who arrived in Valdebebas a few months before the Brazilian landed, also reached out to Vinicius and criticized those who insult him.

"When you talk about racism or the anger of the fans, I think you don't think that he

is a young person who can also have problems at home

, and that he can be the son of any fan who is in the stands. You have to respect a little more.

Each one should look at it

, they must have problems at home and they take it with a young man who is only playing football", explained the Uruguayan.

In terms of football, Valverde also assured that Vinicius "tries to enjoy football in his own way".

"Many Brazilians tend to enjoy it like this, they are happy and it's their way, you have to respect it.

Fouling a certain player too many times is part of football

and we have to defend him wherever. I think he's an incredible person, he has a lot of values".

"The World Cup affected me"

The Uruguayan admitted that he is not living his best period, especially after a World Cup that "affected" him after the early farewell to the Uruguayan team.


It affected me, obviously

. When you go for a goal with so much desire, when you want to defend your country and you go with the dream of a child to try to achieve what everyone wants, it makes you sad. You feel that everything you have done has not It has been of no use", he confessed, and set himself the same objective as always: to be captain of Madrid.

"Before the World Cup I came with a good performance and now it's not the same, it's part of football. The one who best deals with these things will be the best. I have to continue with the same attitude and talking to the people who help me, that's what I like." It will make me what it was again. Becoming a captain is what I always wanted.

Before the media, Ancelotti confirmed that

Courtois, Militao and Benzema

, who are not with the team in Morocco today, have options to play in the final on Saturday, should Madrid arrive, and that is why they are on the list of summoned and for this reason they will fly to Rabat on Thursday.

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