Alexander Mostovoy, despite the lack of a permanent place of work, continues to be at the center of scandals.

And first of all because of the question whether it is possible to work as a coach at the highest level without a license.

Zarema Salikhova even jokingly said that the main intrigue of the coming year is whether the ex-player of the Russian national team will receive a license to work in a professional football club. 

At the same time, the specialist is not afraid to speak out on any issues, especially those relating to his native team.

A couple of months ago, Mostovoy entered into a verbal skirmish with Igor Shalimov, with whom they played together for the red and white.

The coach, by the way, after leaving the "Ural" also remains unemployed.

Now, Alexander was criticized by Leonid Slutsky, who last year completed his cooperation with Rubin and was always distinguished by tact.

The ex-mentor of Kazan, in particular, expressed regret that in Russian football there are many former players who are remembered only by conversations.

“I don’t say who is right and who is wrong.

Someone chooses things for themselves when you work, do something.

Someone exploits his name all his life and tries to assert himself at the expense of it.

He (Mostovoy

. - RT

) chose such a path, ”Slutsky said on the air of the Football Not Hockey program on Channel One.

According to the coach, this way you can stay “with nothing”, since no one takes Mostovoy seriously, although they turn to him for comments.

“I couldn’t even keep my chic football past.

I always feel sorry for such people, ”the specialist added.

The former player of Spartak and the Russian national team found what to answer to such an assessment of his activities, and recalled the participation of the coach in the comedy show "Plushki".

“God, lived!

Everyone knows everything about Slutsky for a long time.

Let's be careful, because a lot of people might want to throw such expressions at him - he definitely won't like it.

With his statement, he insults people who have played football and have achieved a lot.

Let him try to juggle the ball at least five times and put it in “Plushki,” Mostovoy joked.

The side of the Celta legend was also taken by football commentator Gennady Orlov.

According to the expert, Slutsky could not prove himself as a coach anywhere except CSKA.

“Slutsky himself is unclear where he went.

Why isn't he a coach?

He was also a coach.

And now he teaches journalists.

I read the words of Mostovoy.

Well, he's talking facts!

After CSKA, Slutsky did not succeed anywhere.

It's true!

Why should Leonid be offended by the truth?

Slutsky was lucky that he worked in a big club.

In CSKA, he fell into the hands of good managers.

He still needs a good manager to guide him.

And when he was on his own ... Well, we saw how he worked at Rubin - everything fell apart, the team flew out, and he left, although he promised that he would not leave.

He is inconsistent,” Orlov said.

As the expert noted, criticism never arises from scratch.

There are always facts on which it is based.

“If they are, why remain dissatisfied?

This means that a person is right, no matter what age he may be.

And those who are older are wiser.

Better listen.

Slutsky is always looking for someone to blame.

Who is to blame but himself?

Slutsky is offended that he spent 135 million on the school, but no one wrote about it.

Well, he's a good guy for building the school.

But what are you offended by?

Arshavin has been involved in charity work for a very long time.

I offered him: “Let me tell you about it!”.

He constantly refused.

Slutsky is waiting for "thank you" or what?

You did it from the heart, the people will say “thank you” to you.

Slutsky is not a young man, but still he needs to be more precise in his actions and words, ”Orlov added in an interview with Sport24. 

The conflict between Slutsky and Mostovoy began back in 2015, when Leonid Viktorovich headed the national team and entered Euro 2016 with it.

Then the mentor of the national team tried not to react to the words of Alexander, calling the former Spartak midfielder an amateur in coaching.

But it seems that after almost eight years the situation has changed. 

But it should be noted that the status of Mostovoy will also be different in the near future.

After working in the Medialig, he seems to still be thinking about obtaining the necessary license.

“Now I’m not just offered, but I’m just thinking.

Why not try?

Another thing is that it is also not easy.

Still, it's not cheap.

Since I'm not on any team, who can pay for me?

As many did… So it’s very hard,” Mostovoy expressed his doubts.