Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin 9:46 p.m., February 7, 2023, modified at 9:48 p.m., February 7, 2023

French volleyball star Earvin Ngapeth is known for his spike skills.

But the Tokyo Olympic champion with the Blues has another passion in life.

The volleyball player, who plays for the Modena club in Italy, gave himself up exclusively in "Europe 1 Sport".

France team volleyball player Earvin Ngapeth has more than one talent.

Smatch machine on volleyball courts, the Blues striker also knows how to be talented in music.

This is how the native of Saint-Raphaël decided to release a new album entitled "Palmarès".

An album that reflects his passion for rap.

"It's a reissue of the first (album) where we added five songs," he explained on the 

Europe 1 Sport 

program (every evening from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.). 

The French volleyball star released a first rap album titled Big Earvi last June.

A musical hobby therefore to which the volleyball player devotes a lot of time: "It takes up a lot of my time. Hip hop culture, rap, it's something you have to do seriously, with respect I want to say so it's important for me not to take it out just to take it out but to do it well", he said at the microphone of Céline Géraud.


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“Like defending a title”

Evolving in the Italian club of Modena since 2014, for Earvin Ngapeth "releasing an album is like defending a title".

Rap, "it's been my passion since I was very young, it accompanies me in my sports career", deciphered the volleyball player.

And he himself admits, since his beginnings in the musical universe, he "has evolved a lot".

"When I listen to the songs before, it makes you laugh," he quipped in

Europe 1 Sport


Several titles are to be found in his album, so one that is particularly close to his heart and which sums up his personality: "Babidi".

"Babidi is a character in the Sangoku cartoon who had the ability to wear several hats, to do several things at the same time and I think that represented me well: being athletic and making music “, explained Earvin Ngapeth. 

Currently in Slovenia to play a European Cup match with his Modena club, the Olympic champion knows how to divide his time between a sports career and an artistic career.