Isamu Nomura, who scored 10 home runs in his first year last year at Softbank's Miyazaki camp in professional baseball, is working to further improve his hitting.

Nomura joined the team in 4th place in the draft last year, and despite being a rookie, he participated in 97 games and scored 10 home runs and 25 RBIs, and is expected to make a leap in his second year.

According to Hiroshi Fujimoto, Nomura is working on improving his batting style to improve his performance.

On the 7th, Nomura came early before the general practice and worked on tee batting, checking the trajectory of his swing and hitting many balls in the opposite direction.

During practice sessions, he was hitting machines in the opposite direction with sharp hits.

Manager Fujimoto said, ``You can't hit well right away.

Kaino in the 5th year "I want to win the intermediary battle"

Director Fujimoto has indicated that he will switch pitcher Yuito Mori, who has a track record of winning the title of the most saves, and pitcher Teruya Fujii, who was active as a middleman last season, to the starting lineup.

On the other hand, last year, we acquired Osuna, who was active as a suppressor at Lotte, and are proceeding with the restructuring of the pitching staff.

In 2019, the first year, pitcher Kaino pitched in 65 games, the most in the team as a relief pitcher, but he pitched in 22 games last year, and last year he pitched in 27 games. It has been.

Pitcher Kaino entered the bullpen at the Miyazaki camp on the 7th and threw more than 30 pitches, centered on straights, which he is good at, but also including changing balls such as fork balls.

Pitcher Kaino expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I want to win the middleman battle, which has become tougher with the introduction of Osuna."

On the other hand, pitcher Hiroki Matsumoto, who pitched in 44 games last year, his ninth year, threw more than 40 pitches in the bullpen.

Pitcher Matsumoto said, "I'm building a foundation so that I can continue to perform well. I want to aim for 50 pitches this season."