The professional baseball Rakuten camp held in Kin Town, Okinawa Prefecture, has reached the second day of the second cour.

Outfielder Ryosuke Tatsumi, who is aiming for his third consecutive Golden Glove award, continues to make adjustments, showing good defense even in strong winds.

Ryosuke Tatsumi, an outfielder in his fifth year as a professional, played in 120 games last season, defending the center and winning the Golden Glove Award for the second consecutive year, despite his withdrawal due to the new coronavirus.

Tatsumi, who announced his marriage and the birth of his first child last month, practiced under the watchful eye of his family who rushed to Okinawa on the 7th.

Of these, in defensive practice, he was in the center position, and in the strong wind, he often showed good defense, such as chasing the ball that went up high with his characteristic speed and jumping to catch it.

Tatsumi, who showed a smooth start to winning the Golden Glove Award for the third consecutive year, said, "The theme of this year's camp is not to get injured, and we are concentrating on quality in general practice and finishing practice early. I definitely want to play in all the games and win the Golden Glove Award, and I want to aim for the batting title."