At a professional baseball camp in Miyazaki City of Orix, Kotaro Kurebayashi, a fourth-year infielder, was conscious of how his feet landed, trying to improve his batting, which was a problem that remained in the low 20% range last year. One ball was carefully transferred.

Kurebayashi, who became a regular shortstop in the second year after graduating from high school, was expected to make further progress last year, but his batting average remained at 20%, 2 minutes and 4 minutes, and batting is an issue.

In Miyazaki City, all practices were held indoors on the 7th due to rain. Right-handed batter Kurebayashi played tee batting. I was consciously hitting each ball one by one.

Kurebayashi's 21st birthday was on the 7th, and after practice he was handed a cake, which he received while shy.

Kurebayashi said, ``I've been patient with the manager for the past two years, so I want to get results first.