At the Nippon-Ham pro baseball camp in Okinawa, 3rd place draft rookie Gosei Kato, who has experience playing in the major leagues, was late to start due to an injury to his right hand, but on the 7th day of the camp, he made a free batting. I was.

Gosho Kato, an infielder from California, USA who belonged to the Blue Jays of the major leagues, joined Nippon-Ham in 3rd place in the draft, but just before the camp that started this month, he broke his right index finger. Then the adjustment with another menu continued.

Kato started swinging the bat three days ago, and entered the batter's box with a free bat during practice on the 7th.

Kato said that he had no problem with his injury except for throwing the ball, and he was swinging the bat with all his strength in practice, trying to catch up for his first season in professional baseball.

Kato said, "I've never been injured, so I was depressed just before the camp, but I have no choice but to think positively. The injury is healing well, so I want to practice hard."