“I had to amputate both feet”

For the past month, the whole country has been watching with concern the condition of Roman Kostomarov, who was hospitalized on January 10 with severe pneumonia.

The athlete was put into a state of artificial coma, was on a ventilator, and for some time was connected to an artificial blood oxygen saturation system - ECMO.

A week ago, information appeared that Roman regained consciousness and began to breathe on his own.

However, these improvements were accompanied by sepsis and circulatory problems caused by prolonged stay on ECMO.

According to sources, gangrene of the extremities progressed in Kostomarov, but the doctors delayed the operation, fearing that the weakened body might simply not withstand it.

However, on Tuesday, a number of media outlets reported hard news - the athlete still underwent an amputation.

“Unfortunately, both feet had to be amputated.

The operation went without incident, in general, the body is on the mend.

Now there is a fight for hands.

Romance in mind.

The general condition is improving.

But he continues to be in intensive care under the close supervision of doctors, ”TASS quoted an anonymous source as saying.

There is another version.

So, according to the Telegram channel 112, doctors removed only one ankle, and on the second they cleaned up necrosis on the heel.

The patient reportedly had a temperature spike the night after surgery.

Doctors check his condition every hour and do not give any forecasts, since with the development of tissue necrosis, the danger of further progression of gangrene remains.

This information is also confirmed by the Mash Telegram channel, but their source also claims that Kostomarov's other foot will also be amputated.

A new operation on the right leg will be carried out in the near future, since the measures taken earlier did not allow stopping tissue death.

However, it is not completely clear how reliable the emerging information is, because there were no official statements either from the Kostomarov family or from the hospital in Kommunarka.

Close friends of the skater refuse to comment on his condition in any way, referring to the request of Roman's relatives.

Only his wife, Oksana Domnina, is allowed to visit the athlete in the hospital, even the parents do not yet have the opportunity to see their son.

“Oksana has now gone to see him in the hospital.

I am not allowed to visit him.

Was his foot amputated?

Nobody gave me that information.

See a doctor, ”REN TV quotes the words of Valentina Kostomarov’s mother.

"I don't want to believe"

The information about the amputation shocked both ordinary sports fans in the country and the figure skater's colleagues.

Honored coach of Russia Tatyana Tarasova burst into tears during a conversation about Kostomarov.

“Horror, horror!

We're all in shock, right?

You have to call the hospital, ”Woman.ru quotes her words.

Many refuse to believe in the authenticity of publications.

So, the Olympic champion in speed skating Svetlana Zhurova called the information about his condition "an absolutely invented story."

The same thoughts visited the vice-champion of the world - 2012 Alyona Leonova.

“At first glance, to be honest, it seemed to me that the information in the media was not true.

But then I saw a few more identical articles and began to slowly believe in it, although I don’t want to.

Let's wish him good health.

I give everything I can, ”Sport-Express quotes the figure skater.

In turn, Irina Rodnina urged to wait for official information so as not to run ahead of the engine and do no harm in a difficult situation.

Natalya Bestemyanova, in turn, admitted that she starts every morning by reading the news about Kostomarov's condition and follows them throughout the day.

“We are all very worried.

Unfortunately, I do not have direct contact with either Oksana or his close friends, I follow the news.

We wish him recovery and pray for him,” said the former athlete.

The participants of the Ice Age show, in which Kostomarov starred last year, did not stand aside.

Dmitry Solovyov and Alexander Enbert addressed the Olympic champion with words of support.

“Romka, dear, fight, don’t give up.

We are praying for you.

I express my deepest words of support to relatives, friends and relatives, ”Soloviev wrote on his page on the social network.