, Beijing, February 6th. After winning two gold medals in a row at the World Cup, the once invincible Lin Xiaoxuan is back!

Lin Xiaojun celebrates winning the championship.

  In the men's 500m Group A final of the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup in Dresden that ended on the evening of the 5th, Beijing time, Lin Xiaojun took the lead in crossing the line in 41.329 seconds and won the championship.

  In the ensuing men's 5,000-meter relay final, the Chinese team composed of Li Wenlong, Lin Xiaojun, Liu Guanyi, and Zhong Yuchen won the championship in 6:51.106.

  After winning the men's 500m race, Lin Xiaojun was very emotional. He high-fived with the coaching staff of the Chinese team on the sidelines to celebrate, and then lay on the crash board, crying.

For Lin Xiaojun, he has waited too long for this gold medal.

The Chinese team won the championship.

Source: WeChat official account of China Ice and Snow.

  After the game, Lin Xiaojun posted an emotional post on social media: "After four long and difficult years...the first gold medal. Although the road is long and difficult, I never give up and train hard. I would like to express my support and blessings to all I would like to thank my teammates, my coaches, my staff and everyone who has helped me get to this position."

  At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Lim Hyo-jung, who represented the South Korean team, became a blockbuster and won the men's 1,500-meter short track speed skating championship.

But shortly thereafter, the key word of his sports career became "wait".

  The last time Lin Xiaojun won the short track speed skating World Cup, it dates back to more than 1,400 days ago, when he represented the South Korean team in the competition.

After experiencing a series of turmoil, Lin Xiaojun joined the Chinese short track speed skating team.

  Due to various reasons, what he ushered in was not the opportunity to prove himself in the arena, but the torment of missing the international arena for more than three years.

Screenshot of Lin Xiaojun's social media.

  As Lin Xiaojun said, he never gave up.

In the days away from the arena, Lin Xiaojun worked hard to train and maintain his competitive state. He once posted on social media: Once, now, the original intention has not changed.

  It is undoubtedly painful for a high-level player to have no training in the World Series for a long time, but perhaps it is his "initial heart" that made him persevere.

  In October last year, the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup in Montreal started. In the men's 1500m competition, Lin Xiaojun represented the Chinese team for the first time in the international arena.

Suffering from injuries, Lin Xiaojun's performance has fluctuated after his comeback, and he has retired several times. The pressure on his shoulders is increasing.

Screenshot of Lin Xiaojun's social media.

  The time has come to February 5, 2023. This is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, a day to reunite with family members, but the Chinese short track speed skating team is competing overseas.

  In the men's 500m Group A final, Lin Xiaojun and Zhong Yuchen played side by side.

Although they did not take the leading position at the start stage, both of them overtook beautifully in the middle of the race. In particular, Lin Xiaojun gradually moved away from the distance after taking the lead, and finally crossed the line easily to win the championship with a time of 41.329 seconds, and Zhong Yuchen won the runner-up.

  In the ensuing men's 5000m relay final, Lin Xiaojun and his teammates worked together to win the championship.

Lin Xiaojun also expressed his pride for this team on social media: We are the Chinese team!




We will work harder in the future!

Give our young short track speed skating team more encouragement!

Screenshot of Lin Xiaoyu's Weibo.

  After the competition, the International Skating Federation issued an article describing Lin Xiaojun's current performance as "returning after a long journey".

  I hope that this return will mean the beginning of Lin Xiaojun's return to the top. I wish him and the Chinese short track speed skating team make persistent efforts to achieve better results!