On February 24, Ebba Andersson enters the WC in cross-country skiing as perhaps the biggest gold favorite after her three straight victories in distance competitions in the World Cup.

The victories mean a lot to the 25-year-old, especially considering the covid-19 infection that put a damper on the wheel in December.

- It has been significant to have this return and to be able to take it with you now when the final final preparations are to be made.

I am very happy and grateful that I have these victories with me from the last races, says Ebba Andersson to SVT Sport.

Andersson's plan for the WC

It is easy to see that Ebba Andersson is in good shape.

Even too good?

- I cannot influence that.

I have chosen a plan together with my father, who is my coach, and have been able to follow it.

The ambition remains that there should be another percentage to pick up, she says.

People are starting to highlight you as the WC's biggest gold favorite.

What do you say about that?

- I think that then you can scroll back a few more weeks and you will know who won the other races.

There will be many who want to settle it.

Have you decided which distances you want to run in the WC?


The distances I get!

But it's the distance races that I have my chances in. They, along with a relay, are my preferred plan.

"Not completely unnecessary"

As usual before major championships, there is the fear of getting sick among the active - something that can ruin the entire championship for a skater.

- You can't do more than your best to avoid diseases and it's about being careful about what you can influence, says Ebba Andersson.

She is no stranger to the same "hugging ban", which has become relevant in Norway's national team.

- It doesn't feel completely unnecessary.

Then you remove an element of risk in any case, Andersson says and laughs.

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Ebba Andersson superior in Toblach Photo: Bildbyrån