Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 6th (Reporter Wang Jingyu) The Chinese middle school student sports delegation to participate in the 2023 World Middle School Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as the "World Middle School Winter Games") was established on the 6th. 36 middle school student athletes will participate in 5 major events including alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, curling, and figure skating, including 22 minor events. The total number of delegations is 65.

  The inaugural meeting of the delegation was held on the morning of the 6th in a combination of offline and online.

According to Zhang Ailong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Joint Secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education and head of the delegation, this World Mid-Winter Games is the first time that my country has selected middle school students to participate in the World Comprehensive Winter Games. The selection of participating teams and athletes adheres to an open, fair and just process The principles are all selected through trials.

The participating teams have been training in Changbai Mountain in Jilin (snow events) and Tianjin (ice events) since January 26.

  Liu Lixin, secretary-general of the joint secretariat of the Student Sports Association of the Ministry of Education and vice chairman of the China Middle School Students Sports Association, said that he believes that the selected student athletes will fight tenaciously on the field, not arrogant in winning and not discouraged in defeat, and will strengthen their relationship with the world while showing the demeanor of Chinese youth. Youth exchanges, broaden international horizons, tell Chinese stories well, and further promote the development of campus ice and snow sports in China.

  The World Secondary School Winter Games is hosted by the International Secondary School Sports Federation. This event will be held in Erzurum, Turkey from February 12 to 18. There will be alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, curling and figure skating. 8 major events including ice hockey, ski orientation and snowboarding and 30 minor events.

  The reporter checked the list of the Chinese delegation and found that most of the alpine skiing and snowboarding teams are from ordinary middle schools, while the cross-country skiing and curling teams are mainly from sports schools.

In the figure skating team, 4 ice dancers are from the High School Attached to Beijing Dance Academy.

Since 2018, Beiwu High School has cooperated with the China Figure Skating Association to try the integration of sports and education.