, Beijing, February 6th (Reporter Wang Hao) A few days ago, China News Network's "China-Singapore E-sports" Weibo fans exceeded one million.

Since its launch, the "Sino-Singapore E-sports" Weibo has continued to release high-quality content, which has received good responses.

In 2023, as the "e-sports year", the "China-Singapore E-sports" Weibo will continue to make efforts to "magnify the tricks" outside the e-sports venue.

  On October 10, 2022, the "China-Singapore E-sports" Weibo was officially launched.

On the day of "All Army Attack", the blessing video of 18 e-sports players and commentators aroused a lot of attention and discussion.

After continuous online development, now, the "China-Singapore E-sports" with millions of fans, whether it is game news, interviews or whole jobs, has gradually filled up its skill points.

  In the reports of DOTA2 International Invitational Tournament, League of Legends Global Finals, Glory of Kings World Champions Cup and other events, the "China-Singapore E-sports" Weibo performed well. The output content is both professional and interesting, creating hot topics many times. .

  In addition, "Sino-Singapore E-sports" Weibo also continues to publish exclusive interviews with popular e-sports figures, including League of Legends professional player Uzi, King of Glory professional player Hua Hai, League of Legends professional commentator Guan Zeyuan, etc. This series of interview manuscripts All have achieved good dissemination results.

  And these are just the beginning. The "China-Singapore E-sports" Weibo, which has gradually improved its "development", will release more "big moves" in the new year.

  2023 is the "big year of e-sports". Dota2, League of Legends, Glory of Kings, CSGO and other e-sports events will all have major professional events; and at the Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports will also appear as an official event for the first time.

  These are all excellent "entry opportunities" for the "Sino-Singapore E-sports" Weibo.

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