At the professional baseball Hanshin Okinawa camp, pitcher Masashi Ito, who is in his third year, throws 102 pitches, the most in this camp, in pitching practice, and is increasing the pace of adjustment to become the opening pitcher for the first time.

Pitcher Ito has been in the starting rotation for two years in a row since he was a rookie, and won nine wins last year, and is expected to be one of the pillars of the pitching team this season.

On the 6th, I entered the 4th bullpen of this camp, and on the way, I threw 102 balls, the most in this camp, while checking the trajectory of the ball with the batter standing at bat.

Pitcher Ito has been focusing on weight training for the upper body since off with the aim of increasing the power of the fastball this season. I can throw the ball without it, so I'm seeing the results of my training," he said confidently.

After that, he said, "I have a strong desire to be the opening pitcher as long as I am a starting pitcher, so I would like to appeal to this camp so that I can leave it to you." was