Seibu, the only 12 professional baseball team that did not camp in, started a camp in Miyazaki Prefecture from the 6th, and Kazuo Matsui, who will be in charge from this season, said, "I want to have a lively, cheerful and tough camp." I spoke with enthusiasm.

Considering that the start of the season will be delayed than usual due to the influence of the WBC = World Baseball Classic to be held next month, Seibu is the only 12 team to start a camp in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture from the 6th. .

At the welcome ceremony held before the practice, Coach Matsui, who will take over the team from this season, said, “I am also in my first year as a manager, so the team is about to change significantly. , I want to have a bright and energetic camp,” he said enthusiastically.

Practice started immediately after this, and Coach Matsui carefully observed the movements of each player while going back and forth between the ground and the bullpen.

Coach Matsui, who finished the first day, said, "I felt that the manager was busier than I had imagined. I think that the pitchers and fielders all came into the camp after doing good self-training. I want to improve the accuracy of team play," he said.

In addition, captain Sosuke Genda commented on the fact that the camp was later than other teams, saying, "I've been practicing since January to concentrate on the camp as a whole team, so I'm so impatient. I didn't feel anything like that," he said.

Seibu's camp will be held until the 23rd of this month, and although shaking hands with players is prohibited as a measure against infection with the new corona, fan services such as photography and autographs will be implemented.