, Beijing, February 5th. At a CBA star meeting held in Nanjing on February 4th, Xirelijiang Muhetar, the former national player of the Chinese men's basketball team and the head coach of the Tongxi men's basketball team, and Tong Xinan Basketball players Wang Zirui and Dong Hanlin attended.

Group photo at the scene.

Photo provided by the organizer

  Interesting mini-games such as guessing lantern riddles, shooting games, hoops, etc. were prepared on site.

After the event started, the players appeared on the stage to send their blessings, taught the fans professional shooting skills, and selected three fans to play the shooting game.

  In the media interview session, reviewing the performance of the Tongxi men's basketball team this season, Xirelijiang had a lot of emotion: "This season, everyone dared to fight and fight hard, and at the same time always lowered their posture. No matter what kind of opponent we face, we all hold the Play with the attitude of learning from the opponent. As we correct our attitude and correct our mentality, the team's performance has also improved."

Xirelijiang Muhetar sent blessings at the scene.

Photo provided by the organizer

  Xirelijiang also said that he hopes to make his own brand for the Tongxi men's basketball team: "As the head coach, I hope to instill in the team the spirit of never giving up, perseverance, and hard work. This season, our players will never give up. Don’t give up, although we sometimes fall behind on the court, everyone will grit their teeth and fight to the end, and have staged a good show of reversing the opponent many times. I am proud and moved by everyone’s performance.”

  At the end of the event, Xirelijiang expressed his gratitude to the fans who came to participate in the event.

Xirelijiang said: "Tongxi men's basketball team is a young team. Both the coach and the players are relatively young. But we will persist in carrying forward the spirit of hard work to achieve everyone's dreams. I hope everyone will continue to support us, and we will become better and better. The better."

  The event was hosted by Caterpillar, the official sponsor of the CBA, and its partner Huadong Lei Shing Hong Machinery.