The 20th round of the ski jumping men's World Cup was held in Germany on the 5th, and Japanese ace Ryoyu Kobayashi finished 2nd, reaching the podium for the 4th time this season.

The 20th round of the ski jumping men's World Cup was held in Willingen, Germany, the same place as the 17th round of the women's World Cup, where the Japanese team dominated the podium, on a large hill with a hill size of 147 meters.

Four players from Japan participated, of which Kobayashi, the ace, jumped 134.50 meters above the K point in the first time and placed 7th, 26.3 points behind the top.

In the second time, he caught a headwind that was advantageous for the jump and performed a big jump of 145m 50 that approached the size of the hill, marking a total of 252.3, moving up 5 places to 2nd place.

Kobayashi will be on the podium for the fourth time this season, following three consecutive World Cup races held in Sapporo last month.

In addition, Naomi Nakamura finished 16th, Ren Nikaido finished 27th, and Taku Takeuchi did not advance to the second round among the top 30.

The winner was Norwegian Hullbor's Egner Grannehru, who jumped 147.50 meters above the hill in the first time, and 142 meters in the second time, marking a total of 273.0, making it his ninth win of the season.