Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani is scheduled to join the Japanese national team in the WBC = World Baseball Classic in March, and the Japanese national team's Miyazaki training camp will be held in February. I am not expected to participate in

This was revealed at a press conference announcing the uniform corporate advertising contract held at home on the 4th by Angels general manager Minassian.

General Manager Minassian commented on Ohtani, who will be participating in the WBC for the first time, "Before heading to Japan, I will start pitching once at the Angels' camp. It may take a day or two, but for now, on the 1st of next month I plan to leave for Japan."

He added: ``We had a lot of talks about the schedule and I think we have a good plan. I trusted him.

Regarding Otani's use in the Japanese national team, he said, "Since he already has various restrictions when he participates in the tournament, there is nothing to limit him. I look forward to showing the world that I am a player," he said with a smile.

If Ohtani leaves for Japan on March 1, he will not participate in the training camp of the Japanese national team held in Miyazaki City from February 17 to 27. It will be adjusted at the team's camp starting on the day.